Additions and Corrections to The Great Migration Directory: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1640

By Robert Charles Anderson

On this page we will collect documented changes to the entries in The Great Migration Directory (2015). These changes may include adjustments to the published entries, whether contributed by readers or derived from newly published articles and books. Also, since the criteria used for inclusion of an immigrant in The Great Migration Directory are conservative, evidence may arise which leads to the acceptance of additional immigrants during the Great Migration, which will result in completely new entries. Finally, some of these changes, whether corrections or additions, may result in changes to the indexes.

Key to Titles

Add the following in their appropriate places:

Cameos Roger Thompson, Cambridge Cameos: Stores of Life in Seventeenth-Century New England (Boston 2005).
Goodman Harrison Black, The Ancestry of Frances Maria Goodman 1829–1912, Wife of Learner Blackman Harrison (Boston 2001).
Milford Fam Susan Woodruff Abbott, Families of Early Milford, Connecticut (Baltimore 1979).
Smith-Hale Mary Audentia Smith Anderson, Ancestry and Posterity of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale (Independence, Missouri, 1929).

Corrections to entries:

Bell, Francis: Add a semicolon after 1640
Brownell, Thomas: In citations change NEHGR 36:126–127 to TAG 36:126–127
Clark, Rowland: Change English origin from “Banham, Suffolk” to “Banham, Norfolk”
Doggett, Thomas: Delete Elsing, Norfolk and insert Norwich, Norfolk
Foster, George: After Unknown; add 1630;
Harvey, Joseph: Change English Origin from Colne Engaine, Suffolk, to Colne Engaine, Essex
Haward, Richard: (1) After Unknown; add 1629; (2) In citation, add GMB 900 before WF 369–70
Hayward, Richard: Delete entry (this is the same as Richard Haward)
Hide John: Change English Origin form Unknown to Marlborough, Wiltshire
Hull, Richard: For the New Haven man, in citations, change FANH 372–74 to FANH 872–74
Jackson, William: Change English Origin from Unknown to Rowley, Yorkshire, and add citation GMN 18:21
Longley, William: Change English Origin from Frisby, Lincolnshire, to Firsby, Lincolnshire
Macomber, John: Change English Origin from Bridport, Devon, to Bridport, Dorset
Macomber, William: Change English Origin from Bridport, Devon, to Bridport, Dorset
Martin, Robert: Change English Origin from Batcombe, Dorset, to Batcombe, Somerset
Poole, Elizabeth: Change English Origin from Colcombe, Devon, to Colyton, Devon
Poole, William: Change English Origin from Colcombe, Devon, to Colyton, Devon
Price, David: Change English Origin from Ilminster, Devon, to Ilminster, Somerset
Rolfe, Henry: In citations under NEHGR change 66:257–61 to 66:247–51
Rolfe, John: In citations under NEHGR change 66:257–61 to 66:247–51
Rolfe, John: Change 1637 to 1638
Scudder, Thomas: In citations under NEHGR delete 72:285–97 and add new citation TAG 72:285–97
Simmons, William: Unknown; 1639; Charlestown, Concord, Woburn [ChTR 46; CoVR 3; SPR 2:16; Rodgers 3:96–102, 168–69 (son William); GM 2:5:456–57; NEHGR 148: 239; NEHGR forthcoming]. [This entry replaces the entries for William Simmons of Charlestown and William Simmons of Concord, which are now combined into one.]
Smead, Judith: Change parenthetical sentence at end to read (She was accompanied to New England by her three children from two earlier marriages, John and Mary Denman and William Smead [TAG 41:30–35].)
Wheeler, Timothy: change English origin from “Unknown” to “Cranford, Bedfordshire”

Additional entries:

Index Changes:

Index of Supplemental Names:

Index of European Places:


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