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Critical acclaim for the Great Migration series

“The outstanding contribution made by Anderson in The Great Migration Begins is the painstaking analysis of the evidence found for each individual. Carefully weighing the data accumulated in the last century, he has uncovered inconsistencies and provided new insights, as well as confirming previous accounts. This extraordinary reference book will quickly become the first book examined in a scholarly study of the early colonial period.” — Marsha Hoffman Rising, CG, CGL, FASG

“Historians will welcome the initial publication of The Great Migration Study Project as the authoritative reference work on the founders and first families of New England. Noted for editorial thoroughness and candor, as well as for scholarly scrupulosity, these volumes correct and wholly supersede all previous genealogical compilations. I look forward eagerly to the completion of this invaluable series.” — Michael McGiffert, Editor, William and Mary Quarterly

“New England genealogy and history have acquired a new foundation with the publication of The Great Migration Begins . Only a few times in a generation does a work of this breadth and quality appear. The Great Migration Begins clearly ranks among the greatest in American genealogy.” — Henry B. Hoff, Editor, The New England Historical and Genealogical Register

“As one who has spent thirty years tracing the German Palatine immigrants to colonial America in the 18th century, I certainly can appreciate the hard work, long hours, deep thought, and dedication that have gone into Robert Charles Anderson’s monumental study The Great Migration Begins . Bob’s unsurpassed genealogical skills and years of expertise in chronicling these 17th century New Englanders have served him well in this remarkable project. He has shown, yet again, that in order to really find out about one family – all the families of a specific community should be thoroughly investigated. By immersing himself in their lives and times and carefully evaluating the myriad of historical sources that document their intriguing story, Bob Anderson has made these colonists come alive and created a magnificent work against which all future efforts of this kind surely will be measured.” — Hank Z Jones, Jr., FASG

“The highest tests of proof and probability are applied. It is an awesome and humbling performance. . . Publication of The Great Migration Begins is a milestone for colonial, regional and family historians. . . Henceforward “Anderson” will replace “Savage” as the authority of first resort, a new “marvel of the age” for a new century.” — Roger Thompson, University of East Anglia, Norwich

“This work supersedes that of James Savage and Charles Pope. . . As the authoritative source on early New Englanders, Anderson has saved future researchers countless hours of work in dozens — if not scores — of genealogical and other materials. Just about everything they need is here. Painstakingly researched in British and American archives and thoroughly documented, the volumes are also judicious in their conclusions. . . The Great Migration Begins promises to become an indispensable tool for historians as well as genealogists.” — Virginia DeJohn Anderson, The New England Quarterly , June 1997

“Anderson’s landmark work is recognized as a core reference tool that updates and supersedes previous books on Colonial New England genealogy.” — Library Journal , April 1, 1999

“These volumes, as will future additions, offer a critical summary of a vast body of genealogical works and also act as a valuable guide to the published and unpublished sources on early New England. . . A section at the end of each sketch entitled “Comments” addresses matters that do not fit into the usual format. These comments are invariably interesting, in part because of Anderson’s sense of humor and skill as a writer. . .This reference work fulfills a far broader mission than the purely genealogical. It is a must-buy for libraries and is highly recommended for teachers. I urge my colleagues in colonial history to take a peek, but be warned: the sketches are addictive. — Gloria L. Main, University of Colorado at Boulder, The William and Mary Quarterly , October 1997

“It is no exaggeration to say that this series continues to be the most important work on the earliest New England immigrants since James Savage wrote his Genealogical Dictionary more than one hundred and forty years ago.” — Joseph C. Anderson II, Maine Genealogist , May 2003

“Anyone researching New England settlers must include The Great Migration in their research if they want to be aware of current thinking about each settler’s origin and career.” — Harry Macy, Jr., The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record , July 2003

“The announced goal of the project “to provide a concise, reliable summary of past research on the early immigrants to New England” and “therefore serve as a foundation for future research” is certainly met or exceeded with the production of this volume [ The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635 , Volume III, G-H]. It is highly recommended to anyone with an interest in New England history or genealogy and a must for any genealogical reference collection.” — Gale Ion Harris, The American Genealogist , July 2003

“For well over a century, countless historians and genealogists have been combing the archives in England, Holland, and America in search of information about the people we call today the Pilgrims. The Pilgrim Migration marks the culmination of this era of prodigious scholarship. Applying the skills he has perfected in his ongoing Great Migration Study Project, Robert Charles Anderson has created the essential Pilgrim reference work. Here in one volume are concise but richly detailed biographies that are full of scholarly rigor and yet are a pleasure to read. A remarkable work of synthesis and original research, this book will be the bible for Pilgrim studies for a long time to come.” — Nathaniel Philbrick, author of In the Heart of the Sea and Sea of Glory , and winner of the National Book Award

“Robert Charles Anderson is the most important genealogical scholar to specialize in New England since the modern scientific genealogical school was founded by Donald Lines Jacobus some seventy years ago, and his Great Migration volumes are the most important genealogical studies to appear since James Savage’s Genealogical Dictionary of New England was published while America was in the midst of the Civil War. It is exciting news that Bob has revised and updated his accounts of Plymouth Colony settlers for this excellent new book, which is certain to become the key study of these immigrants. Bob Anderson’s scholarship sets new standards, and his accounts are definitive. They are essential for all genealogical libraries and for all historians specializing in the Old Colony. — David L. Greene, PhD, CG, FASG, co-editor and publisher of The American Genealogist